I am Eric Saxby. I sometimes identify myself with the following words, among others: programmer, musician, human being, reader, writer, artist, traveller.

I currently work at Geometer LLC. In the past, I have worked at various institutions including art museums and galleries, banks, and fashion startups. I have painted walls, operated hammer drills into sixty foot ceilings, and helped carpenters by writing out what I thought was simple trigonometry. I have wired together power cables and managed not to kill myself. I written recursive shell scripts to transform large amounts of data into HTML via XSLT. I have sold my art at several galleries, and at one point I tried to write and illustrate a graphic novel. More recently I have written web applications and system automation using various frameworks.

Things that I care about in my professional career: testing, refactoring, transparency, repeatability, distributed applications, observability, etc. I succeed at some more than others.

Things that I care about outside of work: kung fu, music, fiction writing, etc. I succeed at some more than others.

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